100+ Artists.

Many ways to move them.

Traditional animation studios only offer directors or a house style. Here at JW, our entire roster of artists are on offer, with no compromise on style or movement.

Choose from:

Self-animating GIF Artists

These one-stop-shop artists can not only illustrate, but make short-form moving content that is useful in all kinds of places. You need a loading icon with charm? We’ve got you. You need something special for in-store? All over it. You need a social media campaign with cut-through? Girl, we were born ready. If it’s on a screen and it needs to grab attention, we’re here to make it work.


Flutter films

Our in-house production studio with unstoppable moves. Perfect for long-form animation or working with artists who can’t animate themselves, Flutter pairs any Jacky Winter artist with our animation team for a production like no other. As we bring your project to life for broadcast, film, television or digital, we combine the assurance you’d expect from a full-service production house (including live action, voice-over and scoring) with the dexterity and creative energy of our family of imagemakers.

Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it in our exquisite roster of artists. We’ll lock in your perfect match then stay by your side as our award-winning team of artists, directors and animators turn picture-perfect keyframes into full-on movie magic.

Looping, long form, 2D, 3D, stop-motion and 90,000 things in between.

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