My name is Mathis. My work is all about colourful and abstract fun—and a healthy dose of madness.

I make illustrations for lots of different clients and projects, and when I find the time I also paint.

One of the most formative experiences of my career was the feedback I received about some of my first pieces from a painter I met. It was pretty rough, but it pushed me into the right direction. We are close friends now—and I still fear his judgement.

I grew up in Karl-Marx-Stadt (which was in the German Democratic Republic and is now called Chemnitz again), but I have lived in Berlin for almost 20 years now. I have wanted to move to Berlin since I was a kid, when I would spend every summer visiting my grandparents in the city. I studied media technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig. It gave me the chance to gain experience in different creative disciplines like film, animation and illustration.

My studio is currently in my flat (and the basement underneath it) because that way I can get to work in a second, anytime an idea strikes. When I’m not doing client work, you can probably find me in my studio getting my hands dirty. If you are looking for me, follow the noise.

I’m really excited to experiment more with sculpting because I’d love to see my work in 3D.

The key to staying in love with the process of creating art is experimenting a lot and embracing ‘mistakes’, regarding them instead as possible new directions in which to take your work.

It’s really important to dedicate time to personal work because you can come up with something wholly new and get the chance to experiment without any guidelines or limitations. Lately in my personal work I’ve been discovering the power of apps like Procreate, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, and I’ve enjoyed being able to create on my iPad Pro, anywhere I want, with no limits.

Here are some pages from my sketchbook. I love to doodle away carelessly and dig them up after a couple of months to see if I find something inspiring. Most of my work starts with scribbles and sketches, either digital or analogue. If digital I love to use Procreate and Affinity Designer on the iPad. The next step is creating the final artwork in Photoshop.

The best thing about working on commercial projects is getting the chance to develop my skills as an illustrator through productive collaboration with other creatives. When creating my work, I always try to be open to discovering and taking a new direction that is different to what I had in mind when I started.

I’m a strong believer in the importance of always treating people kindly and with respect. It’s important to me that my work fulfills me, and that the whole process is fun and everybody who is involved in the projects feels valued.

Here’s a recent campaign I created for ANJOLA lemonade. I loved that I was given a lot of freedom and got the chance to come up with these weird characters!

One of my favourite projects recently was illustrating the new can for Bodriggy Brewing. The theme this time was ‘park life’ and I had the freedom to come up with my idea of a trippy walk in the park. I’ve loved seeing Bodriggy grow over the past couple of years and seeing their neon logo spread all over Melbourne.

I really loved illustrating the 1986 Soccer World Cup in Mexico, for the FIFA Museum in Zurich. I’ll always remember how great it was diving into that era of the sport that I love so much and gaining access to the picture archive of Diego Maradona. I was always a big fan of him and he reserved the right to reject the final artwork if he didn’t like it—fortunately, he loved it!

Volunteering and donating my skills is something I always love to do. Every once in a while there is a chance to help out with artworks. I recently created the logo for a natural reserve, as well as a series of monsters for an English course run by a friend of mine who was a teacher.

Professional recognition is not the most important thing but is very pleasant nonetheless. Some awards currently lining my trophy room include ADC awards for my Volkswagen and Anjola campaign and the German Design Award for my Taiberg can design. I also lost a lot of street credibility when one of my pieces from art class ended up on the wall in the teachers lounge.

That’s me! If you want more, check out my full folio and Instagram. Got a brief? Contact me and the good folks at Jacky Winter.

With Jacky Winter you work directly with the artist alongside a hands-on producer—it’s a power-up for your artwork commission.

With Jacky Winter you work directly with the artist alongside a hands-on producer—it’s a power-up for your artwork commission.

With Jacky Winter you work directly with the artist alongside a hands-on producer—it’s a power-up for your artwork commission.