Making things nice.

Since 2006.

We’re told we do too much stuff. We think we can do more. We can’t help ourselves. Below are some of the projects we’ve started over the years to help our artists and the industry thrive.

Lamington Drive
An exhibition space! A shop! A place to eat lamingtons! Our bricks-and-mortar gallery features monthly shows from world-renowned artists and up-and-comers. See what’s on

Use It Or Lose It
A campaign dedicated to education on the importance of licensing. Knowledge of how it works is hard to come by, so we set up UIOLI as a way to open up dialogue between artists and clients. Use it or lose it

The Podcast
Jacky Winter Gives You The Business, for seven seasons and counting. A weekly show dissecting issues, processes, happenings and ideas across the spectrum of creative industries. Listen and learn

Open Tabs
Go incognito in this fast-paced, lighthearted exploration of trends and pop culture, held exclusively on-site at agency offices. We bring a panel of fascinating speakers and the beer—you just bring yourselves. Book a session

On-demand production services for freelance artists. Corvid supports creators by helping them level up their professional practice and ensures clients have access to premium production services, no matter who they engage. Get support

Looking Glass
Still life drawing classes for the modern age. Two hours of creative experimentation on an iPad Pro using Procreate and Apple Pencil (provided), led by the talented Alice Oehr and suited to all levels. Join in

LD Editions
Our artists have innovative product ideas and with our resources we get them to market, together. Mind-bending jigsaw puzzles, beautiful foam mats, tasteful artwork for kids’ rooms, and more.

New Blank Document
Our fine art printing service, open to the public and fellow arts organisations. Archival quality giclee printing, vinyl cutting, and Australia’s only A2 Risograph machine. Trust the professionals

The field guide.

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The Field Guide is our annual (and highly coveted) guide to everyone on the Jacky Winter roster. Considered an invaluable industry sourcebook, the publication is given a full redesign every year and has become somewhat of a collector’s item. If you’re in the business of commissioning art, think you’d like to work with us one day, or simply have to get your hands on one let us know.

The VR Experience
Another of our emerging tech experiments. With architectural concepts from March Studio, we built a virtual gallery space featuring Tilt Brush, Blocks and 3D artworks from Jacky Winter artists. See for yourself.

Jacky Winter Gardens
A luxurious retreat nestled in a half-acre of bushland. From custom wallpaper to hand- painted signage, the space is furnished head-to-toe by Jacky Winter artists and home to our monthly artist-in-residence program. Clear your mind

Supporting the industry goes beyond our commercial work. We give back wherever we can with things like hosting Creative Mornings Melbourne., running conferences like Field Trip and Jacky Winter Gives You The Business, collaborating with charity partners such as Oxfam and Headspace, speaking at universities, and more.


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We produce all sorts of goodies to give away. Bags, stress balls, stickers, date wheels, mugs—whatever takes our fancy. It’s our way of saying thanks and a great excuse to make fun things with our artists.