Adam Parata

Texas Monthly, ‘Mack McCormick’ Opening Spread
'Ngāti Maru Tupuna'
Disney, 'Pinocchino'
Tablet Magazine, 'The Yelets Women's High School'


Current Location
Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺
Country of Origin
New Zealand 🇳🇿

New Zealand born, Melbourne based artist Adam Parata is known for his atmospheric and thought-provoking work. Drawing inspiration primarily from life and the complexity of the human experience, Adam's handling of visual storytelling could be described as a dance of both literal and abstract forms to communicate simple and complex messages. This sensitive approach to handling form, detail, light and texture is where the magic lives, and it’s through these focused sensibilities that Adam is able to create drama, story and atmosphere in his masterful work.

Adam finds working with darker themes to be most thought-provoking, and what interests him the most about illustration is its ability to tell stories, share and communicate at scale.

“For me, the work should ideally transcend itself and become a portal to a story, an experience, another world, another time.”

“This is the power of the arts; it's like magic.”

Growing up studying the masters, watching films, playing sport, obsessing over video games and building huts in the countryside of New Zealand has no doubt informed Adam's work. But it's this merging of a curious country boy feeding on the offerings of a modern city that continues to grow the fruits of Adam's labour.

Once you get me started, I won't shut up about..
Food, Art, Design, Tennis, Podcasts, Technology, Videogames, Documentaries, Business Strategies, Health.
This year I can't wait to...
Play summer tennis with friends, work on some music and learn some more about photography.
As a kid, I loved to draw...
Pirate and wartime strategy maps, Streetfighter video game characters, trains, trucks, boats, spaceships and insects.
My superpower is...
My dream project would be...
Hard to say, but perhaps working on the hero marketing art for a game IP's like Capcoms Street Fighter or some of the games I enjoy playing.
My process is a mixture of...
Pencil scribbles, words and Photoshop.

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