Making you

Look good

We come to work to make the world a better looking place. That takes a healthy marriage between creative and process. We represent 100+ of the very best artists in the business, but also have a dedicated team of agent-producers who support every artist, client and project.

Since 2006, we’ve been carving paths for talented artists to collaborate with clients of all kinds and together we’ve produced over 10,000 commercial projects. Our legacy is built on the joint force of our respective strengths: us as master producers and agents; our artists as dedicated experts; and our clients as pioneers for cutting-edge creative.

Jacky Winter isn’t like any other agency and we don’t represent any kind of artist. Our roster is one we’re passionate about—one we nurture and promote while taking care of the business and production end of their practice. For clients, we are the vital partners and facilitators of a successful project, realising their vision creatively and commercially. At our core is a devotion to creating a healthy creative ecosystem: where artists can thrive and earn a living doing what they love; and clients can tap into a network of the world’s strongest talent, with peace of mind they’re in the hands of professionals.

Being the force that takes an idea an art director had in the shower and turning it into a campaign that blankets the streets of our city is what gets us out of bed. We’re driven to be the best in the business because we love the visual medium and want to see it thrive. If you want to learn more about our where we came from, head to our FAQ.

Our approach is rooted in collaboration and mutual efforts, partnering clients and imagemakers to bring visual content to life for any medium:


Put any of our artists in motion. We’ve made TVCs, music videos, social content, brand videos and just about everything else.


Papercraft, plasticine modeling, screenprinting and even embroidery. Built by hand, delivered how you need it.


Activate spaces with murals, installations and sculptures. Walls, windows, toilets—if it’s a surface, we’ll put something special on it.

AR / VR / Projections

Via in-house equipment and partnerships, we create augmented/virtual reality content, as well as projections —including an immersive VR gallery of our own work.


Working across every style and application you can imagine, for brands like Apple, The New York Times, Amazon, Coca-Cola and nearly every ad agency in town.

Live Work

Our artists have painted live murals, spoken at events, crafted on camera and beyond. Like that one time we drew on Australia’s largest 3D-printed sculpture for Nike.

Typography & Lettering

Create beautiful, ownable lettering. Think custom headlines and type treatments, 3D letterforms and fully bespoke typefaces.

Visualisation & Storyboarding

Our work wins pitches. Our artists can flesh out whatever’s in your head, in record time. And we can animate it, too.

We do a lot in-house, but also a heap outside it. Our industry means everything to us. Learn more about those projects here.

How we do it.

We’ve been around the block (a few times) and know the best way to support artists and clients is to be present throughout the entire process.

Our agent-producers are trained specialists—they know their stuff. So with every project we’ll see red flags before they become an issue and tell you if an idea is feasible within the timeframe and budget. Bouncing ideas off someone else helps. We’ll talk through your ideas, make recommendations and propose workarounds if the budget isn’t stretching as far as you’d like.

Too many artists and clients waste too much of their budgets managing the project rather than executing it. We think that’s crazy, so along with the regular stuff you expect from a top-notch talent agent, we also oversee and drive the many moving parts. In other words, we...

Establish a good brief Identify the correct specs and deliverables Find the perfect artist Provide industry references Present everything Organise (and be present on) creative calls Prepare estimates with usage options Evaluate NDAs or SOW documentation Secure commencement payments Engage third-party suppliers Set and maintain schedules Stay across all aspects of the project Make sure everyone has what they need Keep everyone accountable for revisions Manage differences of opinion Ensure timely payment of invoices Issue and follow up licenses Get clearance of artwork for folios

We also know email and spreadsheets suck for project management, so we developed our own tools and processes to make production easier:

Clear Briefs

Estimates & usage licenses

Scheduling systems

Project Management



Ironclad Terms & Conditions


At the end of a job we hope we’re not done done. Sure, there’s our Christmas card list, but we like long relationships with our clients and with many we’ve won awards, pitches and new business together. We stay in touch to let you know when we sign a new artist, or have a talk or event you might be interested in. We’re long term creative partners, always ready to give you inspiration, help or advice when you need it.

Who we are

We believe creative businesses need to be run by creative people, and we have them in spades

Behind our custom tech and tools is a troop of accomplished agent- producers. Their experience in the creative industries is broad and their commitment to production runs deep. They’re translators and negotiators, the people who make it happen. They look after both sides of the commercial equation—taking care of business so artists can focus on delivering the best possible outcome for the client. We need more than agent-producers to make the cogs turn, though, so our gallery managers, special projects officers, designers and interns are here to help, too.

Jeremy Wortsman – Australia

Founder of The Jacky Winter Group, Jeremy is a valued coach, companion, and mentor to hundreds of artists. Drawing on his background as an editorial designer combined with a deep interest and passion for technology, Jeremy prides himself in ensuring commercial needs and outcomes never come at the expense of compromised creative.

The Seasons

Taking inspiration from fashion and sport, we challenge ourselves to refresh every Autumn/Winter and Summer/Spring, introducing new talent and work.

Starting in 2019, our seasonal refresh goes beyond the continual updates we make to artist folios—it’s an opportunity for everyone on the roster (and Jacky Winter as a whole) to take stock and re-present their evolving work, taking into consideration the changing needs of our artists, clients and industry. Each season also sees a collaborative re-skinning of our home page by two different artists. Using the page as their playground, they work together to craft interactive elements and guide our visual theming for the season. To learn more, head over to our FAQ.

People to thank

You know what they say—no creative reproduction and representation agency is an island. None of what we do would be possible without the following people:

And of course, thank you to our artists—for going above and beyond and a little bit more, filling in questionnaires, creating wonderful things and trusting us with their work.