What is Jacky Winter?

When Jacky Winter hatched in 2006, it was an artists’ agency — we worked our magic as producers and agents, our artists were the dedicated creative experts and our clients pioneered cutting-edge projects.

We wanted to nurture a healthy, creative ecosystem where artists could thrive and earn a living, clients could access a network of the world’s strongest talent, and we could provide peace of mind to both sides as they put the facilitation of their projects into the hands of dedicated professionals.

Nearly two decades on, such is the nature of time, we’ve grown, changed, spread our wings. Now spanning Australia, the US and UK, we’ve become a launchpad for artists and clients that gives creativity a place to soar.

We’re (still) an artists’ agency.

With teams in three countries representing more than 100 spectacularly talented people, we’ve been the global runway for more than 12,000 successful commercial projects. We’ve also had the privilege of supporting Solid Lines — a First Nations-led creative agency dedicated to representing and nurturing First Nations artists.

We’re a companion.

Providing on-demand production, project management and expert advice for every aspect of the commercial creative process. We've spent 17 years honing our skills and expertise, and we want to offer them to agencies, brands and independent artists, to make projects easier for everyone.

We’re resources.

As a go-to group for answers and artistic endeavours, we believe it’s important to be generous with our time, recommendations and expertise. Whether it’s folio reviews, trend reports or information about creative licensing, we believe in supporting the wider community wherever we can.

We’re projects.

We make life and work a little easier, more beautiful and fun. Sometimes that means a custom-built CRM or an algorithm-free form of content sharing, other times it’s simply a stunning, 1000-piece puzzle. Either way, all of our projects are designed to enhance the lives of the creative community.

We’re places.

From the tranquil greenery of an inland forest to a peaceful, pristine coastline to a gallery on a backstreet of a bustling suburb, we offer spaces of creative refuge, respite, reflection and adventure in Victoria, Australia — the Jacky Winter Global HQ.

We’re FAQ.

And, while we frequently provide answers, we have a list of them you can check out anyway. If what you’re searching for isn’t there, you can chat live to one of our team. Not bots, always people, that’s a promise.


Behind the scenes of everything you see is our warmhearted, creativity-minded and multi-talented team.

Thank you
Jacky Winter Australia HQ — Photo by Mark Roper

Credit where credit is due.

And of course, thank you to our artists—for going above and beyond and a little bit more, filling in questionnaires, creating wonderful things and trusting us with their work and careers.

Welcome to Jacky Winter Spring/Summer ‘24. Each season a new artist creates original imagery using our site as their playground. The current artwork (above) comes from Georgia Perry. Learn more about our seasonal model of representation and other FAQ.

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The Jacky Winter Group Acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands we are on and pays respect to their Elders past and present.

The Jacky Winter Group is a member of the AOI and AMA and abides by the relevant code of practice for artist agents.

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