Benja Harney

Illustration Collaboration for Facebook


Current Location
Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺
Country of Origin
Australia 🇦🇺

Benja Harney makes anything and everything he possibly can with paper. He’s a paper engineer, working with the challenging, humble and endlessly inventive properties of the material each day. With technical precision, Benja incorporates strong and vibrant colour combinations that invoke intrigue and inspire happiness. Benja studied Graphic Design at Sydney Design Centre and works from a studio in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Benja devotes hundreds of hours to labour-intensive projects, including The City of Sydney’s 2016/17 New Years Eve celebrations branding, which involved 600 hours of fabricating the intricate paper artwork. He has worked with major brands like Hermes, Zara, Aperol, Vogue Living, Samsung Galaxy, H&M Conscious Collection, and collaborated in the non-profit space with organisations including R U OK DAY? and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Once you get me started, I won't shut-up about...
YouTube. I’m totally hooked! There is so much to learn about any subject you can think of. I find it endlessly fascinating to have it playing in the background as I work. Current interests include permaculture gardens and Earthships — ultra sustainable houses from built from waste materials. Plus Japan. Always Japan!
This year I can't wait to...
Give people more access to my paper designs. I’ve built up a huge archive of creations over the years which would be exciting to share with everyone.
As a kid, I loved to draw...
As a kid, I loved to build things — trains, planes and automobiles — you name it! Making models has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. Lego was always in high rotation. My brother and I would often create paper and satay skewer hang-gliders for our Star Wars figures too.
My super power is...
Smiling at people on the street. Some of them may think you’re a tad weird, but mostly people really smile back which is always good vibes.
My dream project would be...
Travelling across Asia learning traditional paper making techniques from the paper masters in China, Japan and South Korea.
I find a project rewarding when...
I get the chance to explore a new technique or incorporate a new material into the design process. I love challenging myself and expanding my creative experience.

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