Kate Pullen

Personal Exploration
Personal Exploration
Seqwater, "Keep the Fun Alive" Campaign
Carousel Illustration


Current Location
Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺
Country of Origin
Australia 🇦🇺

Kate Pullen is an illustrator and letterer, making colourful, thoughtful, and funny pieces that take the form of hand-painted, large-scale murals, or digitally-created illustrations. Kate’s work is all about bringing joy, while also just trying to digest life. She lives on the outskirts of Melbourne by the beach, and studied Visual Communication at Monash University in Victoria.

Kate’s recent projects include creating an image for International Women’s Day, a suite of illustrations for Kingston Libraries’ Summer Reading Club, lettering for the Christmas 2020 edition of The Big Issue, and murals for Melbourne Central, urban art festival Can’t Do Tomorrow, and Bendigo Bank Highett.

Kate donates her skills to causes dear to her heart wherever possible, namely gender equality, body positivity, animal rescue and mental health.

Once you get me started, I won’t shut up about…
Aussie actors, and how they're appearing in the current show or movie we're watching, and where you might have seen them before. It'll be annoying, and will absolutely interrupt the flow of the viewing experience, but ultimately you'll leave feeling excited about the breadth of talent we have in Australia.
I can’t stop listening to…
The podcast If Books Could Kill, with Michael Hobbes and Peter Shamshiri. It's all about bestselling pop science books and examining their cultural significance. Reading that back I make it sound super dry, but Michael and Peter make it an absolute joy to listen to (even if a lot of what they say goes entirely over my head).
My dream project would be…
Hand lettering one of Four Pillars' Bloody Shiraz gin bottles (hiii FP! 👋).
My solution to creative block is…
Turning off all music and podcasts and having a good brainstorm sesh, where no idea is a bad idea and everything is scribbled on a page. Combine this with leaving things to marinate overnight (if possible) and a long walk with my dog in the sunshine.
My current tool of choice is…
The delicious new Monomania brushes I recently bought for my iPad from True Grit Texture Supply. Historically my work has been quite clean, so I'm enjoying playing with a lil texture!
My favourite kind of space to work in is…
Wherever I can grab a comfy seat, ideally with my dog snuggled up next to me, iPad on my lap, noise-cancelling headphones switched on.

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