Sean Morris

Isometric Illustration for Above All Human
Portrait Illustrations for Airwallex
Illustration for Foot Locker


Current Location
Perth, Australia 🇦🇺
Country of Origin
Australia 🇦🇺

Sean Morris is (almost) everywhere at once. A constant presence in the independent art world for over a decade, he has held exhibitions in Sydney, London, Madrid, LA and New York, and been published on every continent. Meanwhile, his list of illustration clients ranges from the boutique - bands, nightclubs, lingerie & jewellery designers - to the multinational, with projects completed for Adidas, Apple, Instagram, Footlocker & The New York Times.
His style is defined by simple lines and limited colour palettes, and is consistently restrained and affectionate: always in service of the subject matter. Shifting from instructional drawings on one project, to irreverent characters on the next - Sean's is a world where everything (from power tools to a skateboarding sloth) is drawn with the same level of passion.

As a kid, I loved to draw…
Illustrations for my own sports magazines, comics and strange board games (that only I knew how to play.) Oh, and plenty of Ninja Turtles.
My project I’m proudest of to-date is…
Commune, a project I started in 2020, which is one huge 'Where's Wally'-style drawing entirely based on public photo submissions. I've drawn almost 400 people (and their pets) so far, and I'm still going.
My dream project would be…
Aeroplane safety cards. Cruise ship safety cards are a close second.
The project I’ve been most inspired by recently is…
Creating an supermarket's worth of mural artwork for the first Coles Local store in Perth. All the imagery related to the local neighbourhood - which was great because I love projects with a research element, but also because I was able to channel childhood memories and images of my family into the work. It was inspiring to have an opportunity to combine the professional and the personal.
My favourite kind of space to work in is…
Full of art and books, but also plenty of graphic objects: Old matchbooks, printed mirrors, plates, candles, vases, coasters, frisbees, blankets. I love art merch.
I’d describe my style as…
The terrific chaos of life, distilled down to clean lines.

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