Steph Hughes

Illustrated Map of Footscray for VHBA Western Health
Map-Style Scene Illustration for Queensland University of Technology


Current Location
Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺
Country of Origin
Australia 🇦🇺

Melbourne-based Steph Hughes makes drawings for all occasions, and considers herself a draw-er who was put on this planet to create things that help others in some way via the fabulous medium of doodling.

Her illustration practice originated through creating gig posters for bands – and has rolled on to diverse projects with the Melbourne Museum, TAC, Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, Golden Plains Festival, Oxfam, Guide Dogs Association – and an array of editorial work, logos, maps, murals and books.

Steph is known for hand drawn, line-y and simple (though sometimes busy) drawings. Steph has a Diploma of Visual Art from Swinburne University, and has collaborated with Bosch on their Dream Machine series, and created a large colourful piece for the Guide Dogs Association for a tram promoting the GDA’s work to create a more accessible public transport system. Steph collaborates with people of all ages in community artworks and murals, through workshops and projects that promote connection through artmaking.

As a kid, I loved to draw…
Maps and cars and friends.
I love collaborating with…
Communities, kids, grown ups - so pretty much everyone. I like the collaborative process in illustration and art and music. I like to make safe places to throw around ideas with people.
For me, the best kinds of projects are…
Ones that have good communication lines and good humans behind them.
My process is a mixture of…
Pretty old school analogue and digital techniques. For linework i've never gotten over the feel of doing that on paper - so i will (in most cases) scan line drawings and colour/edit and manipulate it digitally. I'm getting into experimenting with scanning more analogue textures and things, which can feel a bit printmakey in nature on Photoshop. I really love getting in a Photoshop realm.
My favourite kind of space to work in is…
Sheds, of all kinds. Insulated sheds if possible! But just out of the way a bit and with running electricity. Total heaven.
My current tool of choice is…
My tool board. As of 2 years ago I have a tool board and nothing soothes me more than being able to SEE everything laid out on that tool board. No more rummaging.

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