Finding the right artists

Creative talent, matched to you.

Not sure where to find the right artists for a creative brief you’re working on? Maybe you need to commission a lot of illustrators and animators to work on the one project? Perhaps you’re searching for someone from a specific demographic or location? However tricky the criteria, let us use our encyclopaedic understanding of creative talent to find you the right fit from our diverse (and, frankly, enormous) network.

We can manage all the moving parts if you need us to.

Once we’ve paired you with the perfect artist(s), you and your team are more than welcome to take it away from there. But if you’ve BYO’d talent or need a further helping hand, we can assist as much or as little as you like.

We’ve got decades of experience taking artists and clients through to the finish line together and we’re here to make it as easy as possible. If juggling communication and processes is proving to be a nightmare, you’ve found yourself knee-deep in forms or you simply don’t want to deal with outreach, onboarding and billing, we’ve got it covered — all from a single point of contact.

And if you’re a large organisation? You’re welcome to bring us on deck. We can find, vet and manage your creative talent for you through a single point of contact, so you can stop stressing about the process and focus on the outcome.

Producing your project

Nailing the process is our superpower.

With more than 15 years of experience and 10,000 projects behind us, we're experts on all sides of the commercial art and production process — it's what sets us apart from any other agency. However ambitious the brief, we can produce and advise on every aspect of your project, identify red flags before they become problems and save you time, effort and money.

Clear Briefs

We speak your language… and the artists’. Quickly building rapport and vetting talent to take into account how they work best, we can translate any notes into a workable brief for everyone. Whatever information you bring to us, whether it’s from you or your creative team, our producers can turn them into a clear creative brief and actionable feedback.

Customised workflow tools

We’ve spent years tweaking and developing a suite of simple, effective workflow tools and software specifically for creative project management. They not only respect your existing processes but provide you with clear presentations and paperwork as well as defined milestones, deliverables and revision blocks.

Easy-to-understand T&Cs

Our terms may be informed by industry best practices, but they’re in plain English. This protects you and the artist and ensures everyone’s on the same page and looked after.

Expert eyes on everything

Whether you use our project management tools or just want to keep it all in a mega-long email thread, our producers are overseeing every step and keeping things flowing smoothly so you can focus on your core role.

Streamlined communication

Save yourself the hassle of multiple communication channels. Companion provides a single point of contact for every artist you’re working with, keeping all brief, billing and project information together.

One expert, every step of the way

From ideation through to offboarding, you’ll have a single Jacky Winter producer-agent dedicated to your entire project. This not only streamlines the entire process but builds better and more meaningful working relationships for everyone involved.

Explore our full offering
We’ve got solutions for every creative situation.

Until you've done it a few thousand times, it's hard to imagine just how many moving parts and creative decisions there can be in the commercial creative process. And if you are someone who gets it, you’ll know how hard it is to protect the creativity as challenges and logistics unfurl. Rest assured, we've got the resources and network to help and can tailor our team and connect you with the right people to ensure your project soars.

Companions in action:
Meet your Companions

Behind the scenes of everything you see is our warmhearted, creativity-minded and multi-talented team.

Welcome to Jacky Winter Spring/Summer ‘24. Each season a new artist creates original imagery using our site as their playground. The current artwork (above) comes from Georgia Perry. Learn more about our seasonal model of representation and other FAQ.

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