Mark Conlan



Current Location
Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪
Country of Origin
Ireland 🇮🇪

Irish-born, Mornington Peninsula-based Mark Conlan creates playful illustrations that evoke joyful, positive vibes through bold colour in full spectrum, or stripped back artwork utilising limited colour palettes. Using hand techniques and digital illustrations, Mark brings colour and vibrancy to every project.

Mark recently created a series of wine label designs for Natural Wine, a series of illustrations for Melbourne Theatre Company’s annual brochure, and collaborated with Le Cartel Clothing in Montreal to create the illustration assets for their Spring/Summer collection. Mark’s clients include Bally, Colonial First State Super, Adobe ECK Wines and REA Group.

As a kid, I loved to draw...
Absolutely anything. I was always encouraged to be a s creative as possible. All the family would keep any sheet of paper and or cardboard so I would have a constant donated pile of drawing surfaces.
I can't stop listening to...
Heaps of folk music lately. Whether that's Irish, American or Aussie folk. The moodier the better, it helps with my drawing flow :)
My dream project would be...
To be a part of a big rebrand, where my illustrations really help form the identity. The illustrations will be a key part of the identity and work well along side the copy and other graphic elements.
I overcome challenges by...
Stripping everything back to its simplest form and build the challenge back up piece by piece. This way I get clarity and allow my process to guide me through.
I love collaborating with...
Other creatives. It's always so inspiring when creatives start bouncing ideas off of each other. There is only so far you can go by yourself and with the collaboration of another creative, the sky is the limit.
My process is a mixture of...
Rough hand drawn sketches which I then develop into much cleaner readable digital sketches making the process to full colour a lot smoother and quicker.

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