An honest overview of how we price projects

We all know that things cost money, yet the way we price projects is often perceived as a behind-the-scenes swirl of secret calculations and, well, we don’t want it to be. We believe that knowing what you’re paying for makes the commercial illustration process better for everyone, so we’re here to get real transparent.

What we strive to achieve with our pricing

If artists don’t earn enough to make a living, they will turn to other careers (bad), so we make sure their work is valued and costed appropriately. If clients don’t see value in what we deliver, they’re not going to come back to us (also bad), so you’d better believe we want you to get your money’s worth. Our role is to keep this beautiful, creative, symbiotic ecosystem in balance — to make sure your project thrives, our artists’ careers soar and everyone wins. How good is that? So good.

Why we charge an agent fee

Getting to that point is complex. In addition to making sure our artists are paid fairly and our clients are satisfied, there’s a whole lot of “invisible” work that happens. There are countless moving parts. You can read more about all of that here but, basically, our producer-agents are dedicated experts in making things run smoothly and ensuring everyone arrives at the finish line, on time, in one spectacular piece.

They’re masters at valuing projects of all scales and sizes, helping clients tailor their briefs to meet exact budgets, timings and parameters. They’re fluent artist and client translators, fire extinguishers, morale boosters. Their role is kaleidoscopic in its demands and significantly benefits everyone, so, if the project requires it, we price them accordingly.

What we charge

Yada yada yada… we know what you’re here to see. Here is an example of some of the pricing we've encountered (and negotiated) across various project categories.

Spot illustration

500 AUD

Development of a single digital spot illustration for a national news outlet article, where the client has an ongoing relationship with Jacky Winter producing approximately 30 commissions a year. Includes one round of revision, and work is often developed in around 48 hours from brief to final art. Licence is for one article only, non-exclusive after 3 months.

Welcome to Jacky Winter Spring/Summer ‘24. Each season a new artist creates original imagery using our site as their playground. The current artwork (above) comes from Georgia Perry. Learn more about our seasonal model of representation and other FAQ.

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